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Lert Info originally started as Txt Alert back in early 2004. The concept was to enable users to Txt emergency services of any event and in return receive clear and concise instructions on what to do. This evolved further to becoming an alerting service for disasters especially tsunami threats.

A prototype was developed by the IT company 3MB and tested successfully. In the latter part of 2004 Txt Alert was offered to the New Zealand Government Civil Defence. Unfortunately the telecommunications companies at that time deemed that they couldn't handle mass txt's should an event warrant it. While our technical experts disagreed with this the Government turned down the offer.

In December 2004 the deadly Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami struck. We often wondered what would have happened if our system was made available!!!!!!

After this the project was shelved until Lert Info was launched in November 2012 after a lot of mulling over what could be done in the event of another Christchurch-earthquake-like emergency.

Since lauch we have been alerting members to all manner of events ranging from health warnings to road closures to tsunami threats.

Our mission is to provide NZ's most comprehensive "heads up" alert service. The team behind Lert Info is experienced in communications, sales, marketing, web and software design. They continually improve the system to bring you the best.

The service is the leader in public alerting, both in the way we send alerts and also the range of alert types we cover.


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